Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wenger Made Ozil Play With An Injury!

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger revealed that he made Ozil play for 45 minutes with and injury because he didn’t think the injury was “that serious”.

Wenger told BEIN sports in an interview that Ozil had told the club officials at half time that he was in a little pain because he had felt a crack in his knee. Wenger had decided to still keep the German on for the full ninety minutes. ‘He had a little pain with his knee, he felt a crack. I said to our physio to keep an eye on him and if there was anything wrong with him, tell me because when you’re 1-0 down, you want to keep your offensive players on the pitch’. Wenger’s decision was apparently detrimental to Ozil as scans revealed that the former Real Madrid player would be out for three months with a ruptured knee.
Arsenal who are currently going through an injury crisis would be forced to play on without Ozil till next year. Wenger claimed that ‘injuries are accidental’ but the French trainer would have to take some responsibility for the length of Ozil’s injury.

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