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I am an embodiment of talents – Beauty Aghedo

 Fast rising singer, Beauty Aghedo  with the stage name B’Dash earned her stripe as a member of D’Beats, which won the Star Quest contest in 2011. She has since released a second single titled,Oruko Jesu. She talks about her career, family and why she sings pop in this interview withangeladaviesmag, ADM.

What’s new in your kitty and how has your music career been?

I just dropped my new single titled, Oruko Jesu. A song which talks about the various things the name of Jesus can do for us. And as for my music career, it has been growing. Before Oruko Jesu, I dropped a single titled, God Bless Me for Your Eyes. I gave it the title because after D’Beats, winners of Star Quest 2011 was disbanded after our one-year reign, a lot of people thought that I would not want to sing again. So that was what prompted the song. But I am very passionate about my musical career.

What were your formative years like?

Growing up had its ups and downs. My dad died when I was about eight or nine years old and my mother have been there all the way to support us. I come from a family of seven. I and my twin brother are the last born. Right from childhood, I have always loved singing. When I was still in the church choir, every Saturday which is choir practice she would ask me if I was not going for rehearsal if she saw me at home. I will say my mother has always taken an interest in my music career. Also, my brothers and sisters have been very supportive as well.

What is the relationship with your twin brother like?

We are very close and it has been nice all the way though he is married now. I feel a little bit jealous because he wouldn’t have time for me anymore. But he is growing and I am happy for him. He sings too, but he is a pastor.

What was the motivation when you to entered for the 2011 Star Quest musical show?

I heard that the last band was signed on to Kennis Music and I love that record label so much. However, I went into the competition determined to win as an individual but thank God my band, D’Beats won. During our one-year reign, we were able to come out with an album titled, D’Beats Goes On and we were signed to Now Muzik label for one year. During the audition, I didn’t know that I was going to make it into the house. When I went for the audition in Benin City I had almost lost my voice and I prayed to God to help me make it through. In the end, I made it through because the judges saw behind my cracked voice.

Tell us about your experience at the reality show and lessons you took away

I had times when I cried and sometimes I laughed as well. But it was exciting all the way and it is still exciting right now. I was not interested in anybody’s perfection as long as we could work as a team. The lesson I learnt was that everyone comes from different homes but when you meet, you should be able to blend and work together or do given task together.

What is your kind of song?

For me, I sing Christian songs but I love pop music as well. My brand of music is pop. There is this enjoyment behind it whenever you listen to pop songs. It has nice rhythm and sound. I knew I was not going to be a gospel artiste even though I started singing in the church.

What does music mean to you?

If music were a man I will get married to him straight away because I love music.

How do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from people’s experience, life experience, my personal experience and the word of God I hear as well.

As a young musician, how would you rate the Nigerian music industry?

I will say it is growing and I am growing along with it.

Who are those you look up to in the music industry?

Outside Nigeria, I look up to Chris Brown and Beyonce. In Nigeria, I like Tiwa Savage and Omawumi because they are hardworking women. And for the late Kefee, I really looked up to her because of her kind of songs. They are simply unique.

How do you relate with your male fans?

I love them and they love me too. I can peck and hug them but there is a limit anyway. The limit is that you should not touch me the way you would touch your girlfriend.

Aside music, do you think you want to do something else?

Yes, of course. I would want to go into acting if the opportunity presents itself. Nevertheless, I am an embodiment of talents.

You are the brand ambassador for Healing Wings Foundation. What is your responsibility?

Healing Wings Foundation is a non-governmental organisation saddled with the responsibility of empowering youths, women and the vulnerable. My pet project as its brand ambassador is to create cancer awareness among women in the society and Africa as well.  It also entails helping to give free education to the poor in the society. I will be working with some organisations and individuals as well.

Greatest fear in life

I don’t think I have the spirit of fear in me. God has not given me the spirit of fear but the spirit of boldness and a sound mind.

Is there a man in your life?

The truth is that a lot of guys come around me and they want to hang out with me. But nothing serious.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself being a household name in the Nigerian music industry, Africa and the world at large.

Why did you write a victory poem for the Super Eagles instead of composing a song?

I am a big fan of the Eagles and I love football. I used to be a footballer although I look fragile.  I played football while I was in secondary school and I was the captain of my school team, Garrick Memorial School in Benin. I organize the girls whenever we had friendly matches and inter-school matches. After my WASC, I joined a female football team but it is no longer in existence. Also, some artistes had already sang some songs, so I felt that I should write a victory poem because I really wanted to do something for the Eagles. I am a big fan of Osaze Odemwingie, he plays football with so much passion whenever he is on the field of play.

How would you describe yourself?

Beauty is a very fantastic, enthusiastic and happy person to be around with. She is interesting and exciting as well.

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