Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Buy from Africdeals.com: The Amazon.com of the Motherland

It seems everyone's talking about AfricDeals these days. It's Africa's latest and most unique e-commerce phenomenon - an international e-commerce website that has been gradually gaining global acceptance with an ever expanding virtual inventory as with the likes of Amazon.com but with a twist. Africdeals.com, which launched on ‎May 1, 2014, is a US based company that primarily serves consumers in Nigeria, West Africa but has an outlook to expand its customer base to many other countries in the African continent in the nearest future.
The founder of Africdeals.com who was born in Nigeria, Mr. Deji Ade-Oni, sought a fresh start and a better way of conducting business in online African markets, and in 2009 conceptualized an ideal e-commerce site for Nigeria with international standards that would provide scam-free, efficient and reliable online shopping experiences with quality customer service for a wide range of items such as computers, cameras, toys, accessories, adults and kids clothing, designer handbags and many other products that can be found on the website. They work in partnership with some of the biggest names in consumer electronics and fashion to fulfil your taste.

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