Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Knorr Taste Quest Episode 12- Maters Training: Desserts

It’s Episode 12 of The Knorr Taste Quest, and the heat in the kitchen was turned down just a little. In this episode, the judges; Dr. Roberts, Chef Fregz, and Chef Renee decided to take the reins, and once again display their culinary prowess as they trained the 7 remaining contestantson exactly how to prepare desserts using ingredients the contestants were given in the last couple of tasks.

The desserts made were;Apple pie and Pomegranates, Shortbread, Pastry rolls, Bread and Butter Pudding, Apple turnover, Apple brittle, Poached Pear boiled in Red Wine and Knorr Classic, Poached Pear andChocolate Sauce, amongst others. Chief amongst the ingredients used were; Basmati Rice, Garri, Mangoes, Knorr Classic, Apples, Pear, Cucumber, Carrots, Milk, Pomegranates, Cashewnuts, Butter, Egg,and Sugar. What an interesting culinary education!!

Another highlight to this episode was the training on the use of the Kenwood Kitchen Equipment’s. The judges illustrated the many ways to use the Kenwood Kitchen equipment’s easily. The Kenwood Rice Cooker, Kenwood Kitchen machine and the Kenwood Food Processor were among the ingenious labour-saving equipment used to make the cooking process faster, and easier. For example, the Kenwood Food processor can be used as a juicer, blender, cutter, shredder etc., and the Kenwood Kitchen Machine can whip cream, whisk eggs, grind meat, and a whole lot more. These made the work of the judges and contestants very easy as they finished in record time, and their dishes of good quality.

The ingredients are getting tougher with each week, and now that the contestants have been taught and assisted by the judges, the next episode promises to be more challenging and we mayeven see some contestants evicted.Continue......

3 females, and 4 males left, do you think we can have a female winner this season? The grand finale is drawing near, so don’t miss out on the excitement, join other food lovers on You can also watch missed episodes on

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